Keith - 4 Dec 2015
This you Tube Says it all.

If you have been searching for something really cool in the 60m2 Granny Flat range then you need to see this kit.


Click here to see the video


Direct Link .......


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Keith - 1 Dec 2015

This "Home Office" Skillion Roof cabin is amazing. At Cabin Life we love to see what clients do with their cabins and I have to say that this is one of our favourites.

Check out the you tube link to see more.



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Keith - 25 Nov 2015

The "Cabin Life" "Art Studio" Skillion Roof Cabin has so many different uses. Everyone needs a spare room this time of year for guests or it could be used as a Yoga retreat. The possibilities are endless. Check out the you tube.

Click here to see you tube of this cabin being constructed.

or go to :


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Keith - 4 Nov 2015
Haven Cabin with Deck

Check out this Haven cabin Kit. It has been customised to have a 2 metre deck instead of a verandah.

Click here to see this you tube


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Keith - 17 Oct 2015
You will be amazed at what fits into a 20m2 Kit

Here at "Cabin Life" we look foward to seeing what our clients do with their cabins. Here is a 20m2 Haven cabin fitted out. You be amazed at what you can fit into 20m2.


Click here to see video.



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Keith - 15 Oct 2015
Back Yard Cabins


This week the crew at Cabin life constructed an "Art Studio" Skillion Roof cabin. This cabin could be used for a variety of different things like anything from a guest bedroom to a She Shed.


Please click link to see this cabin being built.


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Keith - 5 Oct 2015
Another Sensational "Haven" Cabin

The lads have been busy travelling around the country side making beautiful cabins.

Here is a photo of a "Haven" cabin which was constructed a few weeks ago South of Sydney.


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Keith - 29 Sep 2015
Cabins for WWoofas

WWoofas, Willing Workers on Organic Farms.

Here is a great idea. Our 20m2 Haven cabin has a bathroom space and is a perfect size for very affordable Wwoofa accommodation.This cabin kit is currently seeling for $11,990 in 44mm solid timber with double glazing and N# wind rating.


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Keith - 11 Aug 2015
Another great "Deluxe Cabin" by "Cabin Life"

Here is a photo of another "Deluxe Cabin" we have just finished in Brunswick Heads.

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Keith - 24 Jul 2015

For a while now at "Cabin Life" we have been wanting to join two 20m2 cabins together the create a versatile living space. One side can be a bedroom with an ensuite and the other could be the living room whilst the huge deck space in the middle would be a great space for the BBQ and friends and family. The way life was meant to be...FUN......

Click here to go to the youtube

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Keith - 20 Jul 2015
Snow Time

This week we are heading to the Snow to build a cabin. I think maybe we should get back to this one in the summer.....heheeehe. Put your board shorts away lads we are going to the snow.

See if you can spot the cabin kit waiting to be constructed ....

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Keith - 16 Jul 2015

Here is a youtube of a 20m2 "Davo" Cabin we constructed last month. We have these cabins in stock ready for immediate delivery and construction. So if you need more space at you place for a very affordable price then give us a call.

Click here to see this you tube.



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Keith - 6 Jul 2015
Currently In Stock

We have now added a new webpage to our Cabin Life Site.

Clear HERE to see cabin kits that are currently in stock.

Or go to



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Keith - 3 Jun 2015
The "Deluxe" Cabin in Mount Isa

I would just like to compliment Gerald and his team at Mount Isa for doing such a great job building a fantastic "Cabin Life" Deluxe cabin. Here at Cabin Life we really get excited to see what our clients do with there cabins and this one is up there as one of my favourites.

Click here to see this great cabin video.

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Keith - 7 May 2015
Cabin Kits Deluxe

We have been flat out here at Cabin Life. Here is the inside of one of the 2 deluxe cabins we have just finished at Brunswick Heads.

Go to

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Keith - 1 Apr 2015
Teenage retreat or guest cabin kit

Are you looking for a Teenager retreat or a spare guest bedroom ? A lot of calls we get are from families who are living in a 2 or 3 bedroom house and just need that one extra room. This is the teenager retreat cabin on our website and it is the perfect size for just that purpose.


Click Here to see a youtube of this cabin being built.

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Keith - 9 Mar 2015
Music Studio

This weeks feature cabin is the "Cabin Life" Music Studio. The team have been down to the central coast to construct this fantasic Cabin kit.

This is a perfect cabin for a spare room, home office or even an onsite display office.

Click here for youtube to see this cabin being constructed.


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Keith - 24 Feb 2015
3D Custom design Cabins

Did you know that we can custom design your new cabin ?

With our 3D image configurator "Cabin Life" can alter one of our current designs or create a totally new design and then show you what your new cabin will look like in 3D. So if you are looking for a Garden Cottage to fit into your back yard and you can't find something that will suit you in our range of cabin kits then we can help you design a cabin to suit your needs.


Like all "Cabin Life" cabins the custom made cabins are easy to assemble and come with easy to follow plans.


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Keith - 5 Feb 2015
Log Cabin kits

Click here to see our latest Log Cabin Build. The 20m2 cabin is built from 44mm Solid Timber with timber floor and ceiling. We add extra rafters to give us an N3 wind rating and a beautiful raked ceiling.

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Keith - 12 Jan 2015
The Bangalow Cabin

To see the new youtube for our latest cabin build please click here


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