Keith - 16 Oct 2017

Here is the custom currie cabin, a greatly versitile space, that looks and feels great.

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Keith - 10 Oct 2017

A small cabin made magnificant buy a beautifull paint job, the dark coulors mixed together give this little cabin a massive feeling. This is the perfect cabin for a home office which needs to attract attention.  

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Keith - 28 Apr 2017
An indestructible structure

Cients notes:
"The water got up to the window ledge,
Bob drilled a hole in the far corner and we swept out the river mud. The cabin cleaned up beautifully with no damage."

Regards Jan.


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Keith - 20 Apr 2017
Cabin survives under water.

Our cabin kits have now been proven in cyclone areas when fitted with cyclone rods and built to engineering specifications.

This design of construction is also good in earth quake areas as the Cabins are designed to flex and are not ridged.

“Cabin Life” cabin kits have now been flood tested. In the recent floods in Northern NSW my own cabin got flooded up to the window level as shown in the photo below.

The great news is that once the flood waters receded, I washed  down the outside of the cabin then washed the walls inside and the cabin looked like new again.

That only damage to the cabin was some slight bowing and cupping of the floorboards which Is not even enough for me to consider sanding back. This was so much better than the damage to our house as we have to remove the floating timber flooring and replace the gyprock walls to say the least.

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Keith - 28 Mar 2017

Here it is ! We have finally made a video to show you how to construct a "Cabin Life" cabin kit base. Whilst most of our cabin kits are Ikea like to construct the hardest part and the most important part is getting the base level and square. 
Click the link below to learn how to DIY one of our cabin kits.

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Keith - 14 Mar 2017
The Wood stock 2

The "Cabin Life" Woodstock cabin kit has two bedrooms and a loft.
Granny Flats, Cabin kits, Mancave, She Shed, Nan Cave, Back yard cabin kits galore.
Check out this video then go to or click here to see youtube video.

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Keith - 19 Jan 2017
The Beach Shack
The Beach Shack kit by Cabin Life. 
Here at cabin life we love to see what our client do with their cabin kits 
and here is one of the most beautifully done cabin kits we have seen this year.  
This is a custom designed cabin kit with some extra windows added purpose built for
an art studio. For more information go to

 Go to :

 or click HERE

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