Keith - 8 Oct 2018
The Home Office Cabin Kit

Here is a great example of and home office skillion cabin that was built as DIY and I have to say "Wow" the client did a fabulous job. Well done guys.



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Keith - 1 Oct 2018
The Garden Retreat Cabin

Here is another sensational example of what our cabin kits can look like with a well done paint job. Awesome job guys.

Client wrote :

Hi Keith

We are pretty much all done and a pretty happy with the outcome , I have attached a photo for you 



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Keith - 2 Sep 2018

DIY Laundry anyone ? This simple little cabin kits has been used for so many different things. In the video link attached it has been used as a laundry but we have also used it as a shed in the back yard for the mower. Of course It makes a great out house as well.


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Keith - 27 Jul 2018
Cabins Cabins Cabins

Here is another beautiful "Deluxe" cabin kits from Cabin Life.

Go to ;


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Keith - 17 Jul 2018

Another cute cabin by although we can only take the credit for the Cabin Kit. It is the clients who made this cabin amazing.


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Keith - 4 Apr 2018
Haven Cabin Kit

The Haven cabin kit is one of the most useful designs we have. Some client use them for a spare room while others client just want an extra space in the back yard to get away from the kids. The Haven is 20m2 and has a space for a toilet shoer vanity and kitchenette.

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Keith - 20 Feb 2018

Designing a beateautifull bathroom is easy, just look at these photos to see sok,e fantastic creative ideas.

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Keith - 5 Feb 2018

The key west cabin is another of our beautifull cabins, great for a nice home office and meeting space as this one in link below will be.

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Keith - 19 Jan 2018

The Cabin Life crew were fortunate enough to visit our head office in Europe over Christmas and we had a fantastic time. Over this week we will be posting several you tube videos of their display cabins. Cabin Life is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Lasita Maja who also distribute their cabin kits right across Europe and America. Lasita Maja is one of the largest and the most popular Cabin Kit manufactures in Europe.


Misourri cabin


The Multi cabin


The Orkney

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