The Garden Retreat Cabin


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The Garden Retreat is a 3 x 3 metre beach style Cabin which is the perfect size for a Garden Cottage, Home office or a spare bedroom. This cabin can have a stylish verandah attached and comes in 44mm thick timber.

All cabin life cabins come with : Dual action tilt and turn windows, solid beautiful timber floors, weather seals to doors, base kit and extra roofing rafters for strentgh and stability which will pass N3 wind rating.


NSW Government regulations now allow back yard cabins up to 20m2 without council approval. In Queensland it is 10m2 without council approval.

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Suggested uses : Spare room, Teenagers retreat, Camping Hut, Beach Cabin, Studio, Donga, Mining Camp Hut, Garden Shed, Losman, Masage room,Sauna.



This cabin comes as kit only. Kitchen, bathroom, electrical and other items are not included in kit price.

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    44mm        300x300cm        8.48m2           17.48m3        2565mm              
  2052mm         1400mm        320/320mm   1588x1957       882x1290                                                                                                                          1x                                          
    16.72m2              2                18.88°



$7,500 in 44mm Timber with Terrace 
Cabin Kit only3m x 3m = 9m2 plus 1200mm Canopy in totalYes
Floor BearersPressure treated, resistant to moisture and termitesYes
WallsCut to size, 44mm T&G Timber ready to Assemble and PaintYes
Flooring21mm T&G Solid Timber FlooringYes
Roof Beams150mm x 44mm Full spanYes
Roof19mm T&G solid timber(Colorbond optional extra)Yes
WindowsThe Garden Retreat has one dual action tilt and turn window with weather seal to the side.Yes
Front DoorSingle half laminated glass door with weather seals,handles & locksYes
PlansEasy to follow plans 
Total Value$7,500 with Terrace 



DeliveryDelivery Price Depends on locality 
Sub Floor KitSub Floor kit included.Yes
Steel Posts800mm 75x75 Galvanized Steel posts$900
InstallationIf you have had reasonable experience in DIY projects then our cabin kits are very straight forward and easy to assemble. If your kit does require council approval then you can DIY as a licensed owner builder or enlist the help of a local registered carpenter. 
InstallationSuggested construction price for this cabin kit to lock up stage from.$3,800
Base KitsBase kits can vary in price due to site specifications, soil test and site specific engineering. 
ColorbondColorbond sheets ( Your choice of colours) and ridge capping with Batons (Gutters not Included).$730



Important: Whilst all care is taken to deliver to you the best possible product with excellent customer service, Timber is a natural product and as such it may expand and contract from time to time dependant on air temperature and moisture. We suggest you seal the exterior of the cabin directly after construction with a good quality undercoat and exterior paint. We also suggest to seal the interior soon after completion to protect your new Cabin Life Cabin. Some Cabins may have minor imperfections and minor alterations may have to be carried out on site. Timber may vary slightly in colour.