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Classic Building System


"Cabin Life" is the Australian distributor of Europes largest cabin kit manufacturers. our European factories have been manufacturing quality engineered Log Cabins and timber building kits for over 18 years and distribute we distribute our Cabin kits world wide.


Cabin Life has a the capacity to deliver approx. 15,000 easily assembled garden- and summerhouses per year. We offer houses with wall thicknesses of 19, 28, 44 and 70mm.


Garden houses with 28mm walls are also suitable for storage of equipment such as garden tools and back yard items such as lawn mowers.This range can also be used a place for leisure, relaxation and spending time with friends all in your back yard.


Most of the garden houses with 28mm walls can be extended with an extra canopy and extra terrace. You can create a wonderful sitting area and add a table and chairs and a bbq. A combined terrace and balcony protects from sun and rain alike. For example, a patio house with a roofed terrace of 380x380cm and a storage area of 380x150-250cm provides a multi-functional solution for a cozy corner in your garden. All garden houses have a simple and robust structure. These garden houses are very easy to assemble. Doors and windows are glazed with 3mm thick glass and you can decorate them to suit your personal style. Certain models are also available with door and window seals for enhanced weather resistance.


Garden houses with wall thickness of 45mm fulfil the same general functions as the 28mm garden houses. The main differences are a more solid wall structure. These garden houses can be used for Cabins and Granny Flats as well. The doors and windows are already equipped with tilt-and-turn fittings for improved convenience. The design of doors and windows varies between certain models.


Our small houses with wall thickness of 45mm and 70mm are more spacious, primarily intended for recreation and function perfectly as Cabins or Granny Flats. The houses are fitted with insulated and double-glazed doors and windows, drop noses etc. The floor and roof can be insulated at request. The corner joints are made with a more weather-resistant windbracing joint. You can choose a single-room model or a larger model with multiple rooms, solid-Timber internal doors and an additional loft storage area with a sleeping platform.


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Walls :


Our Interlocking building system is not a new idea. Infact the Europeans have been building log cabins this way for decades. The well machined solid tongue and groove timbers slot together firmly to create a tight wheather proof seal and the "classic notch" timber corners give the building great strenth and durability. This also means that there is no need for epensive internal linings such as gyprock as the tongue and groove timber joins very neatly into the internal corners giving you a a quality finished product which you can stain and seal to keep the natural timber appearence or you could paint the inside and give it your own personal touch.


Roof Joists :


The log cabin is constructed by using 136mm x 44mm thick roof beams on 44mm models and 136 x 70mm thick roof beams which not only provide a solid roof they also look great too.





This type of building is proven to stand the tests of time. Many Classic Timber buildings stand as a testament to the ever lasting durability of this traditional log cabin syle of construction. Of course all Timber must be sealed with a good quality exterior finish to preserve the quality of the timber.


Your brand new "Cabin LIfe" cabin kit will need to be painted with a good quality undercoat and two coats of good quality paint or have 2 coats of a good quality sealer such as an "intergrain" product which can be purchased from any Bunnings store of your local paint supplier.


Some oils and wood penetration preserves like "Cutek" are good for decks but not good for our cabin walls as they do not create a good protection barrier against the elements.


It is also a good idea to use a joint filler like (Selly's No More Gaps" of "Caulk in Colours" to seal and any tiny gaps. We personally like to use a gap filler in all of the corners even though we know our water tight challet corners work very well the gap filler in the corners will stop small spiders nesting in the tiny spaces and will make you cabin look even more amazing once painted.


For your Cabin Timber Warranty you must properly paint or seal the Cabin kit within 3 months after construction.


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