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NSW council regulations now allow Cabins up to andincluding 20m2 in your back yard without council approval. Conditions apply. Click here to see legislation


Under 20m2


The KEY WEST Cottage is 5.4 x 3.7 = 20m2.  The Key West is the perfect size for an Art or Photography Studio, maybe a spare room for guests. The veranda is 1300mm and with that beautiful timber rail this cottage will definately create neighbour envy.

This cabin life cabins come with : Windows dual action tilt and turn with weather seals, solid beautiful timber floors, weather seals to doors, base kit and extra roofing rafters for strength and stability.


N3 Wind Rated as standard and designed for snow load


Suggested uses : Country Hideaway, Romantic Getaway, Wedding Chappel, Home office, Studio, Farmstay, Air B&B, Massage room, Resort Bure.





This cabin comes as kit only. Kitchen, bathroom, electrical and other items are not included in kit price.


Scroll Down for Specs and Pricing for the 5.4 x 3.7  Cabin. Under 20m2.


       44mm         3.7x5.4m       19.19m2         55.45m3         3060mm       272mm    
     300mm        300mm      300/1800mm     1933x827    1200x1320    1580x2000                                                                                                                             
        36.8m2          19.0°
Short description Suitable for use as a guest house, home office or garden house.
Floors 1
Foundation construction Floor 18mm
Wall thickness 44mm
Inner area 19.19m²
Inner volume 55.45m³
Foundation dimensions 370x540cm
Base frame 70x45cm
Construction area 34.8m²
Construction volume 100.57m³
Bulkhead height 3060mm
Wall height 272mm
Roof construction Purlins
Roof overhang front 300mm
Roof overhang back 300mm
Roof overhang left/right 300/1800mm
Roof area 36.8m³
Slopes 2
Roof angle 19°


Dimensions and weight 1662kg, 630x115x79cm 1201kg, 450x115x82
Weight 2863.0000kg



$14,990 in 44mm Timber currently on special for $13,990 
Cabin Kit only5.4m x 3.7m = 20m2Yes
Floor BearersH3 treated, resistant to moisture and termitesYes
WallsCut to size, 44mm T&G Timber ready to Assemble and PaintYes
Flooring28mm T&G Solid Timber FlooringYes
Roof Beams150mm x 70mm Full spanYes
Roof19mm T&G solid timber(Colorbond optional extra)Yes
WindowsThe key west cottage has dual action tilt and turn "Double Glazed", sealed windows.Yes
Front DoorDouble Glazed half glass door with weather seals,handles & locksYes
PlansEasy to follow plans 
Total Value$14,990 currently on special for $13,990 



DeliveryDelivery Price Depends on location 
Steel Posts800mm 75x75 Galvanized Steel posts$ 900
Colour BondColour Bond sheets ( Your choice of colours) and ridge capping with Batons (Gutters not Included).$1400
InstallationSuggested construction price of this cabin kit to lock up stage from.$4,400
DIYIf you have had reasonable experience in DIY projects then our cabin kits are very straight forward and easy to assemble. If your kit does require council approval then you can DIY as a licensed owner builder or enlist the help of a local registered carpenter or Builder. 
Base KitsStandard base kit included, Note Base kits can vary in price due to site specifications, soil test and site specific engineering if required. 
Extra WindowsPrice per window size 
Insulation55mm sisolation roofing blanket between the ceiling and roof.$ 350